Ruggeri Case Intelligence Analysis is proud to publish our Press Release. We are very excited to be offering our case analysis services for trial litigation.

Bringing Intelligence Analysis to Trial Attorneys

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan could not have said it better. Teamwork wins. Although Michael was talking about basketball and this article is about intelligence analysis, the concept is the same.

Foreign militaries have been using intelligence analysis for thousands of years. The US Military has been using intelligence analysis since its creation and still relies heavily on this critical thinking concept in Iraq and Afghanistan today. The New York Police Department created the first intelligence unit in the 1950’s to combat traditional organized crime. The FBI hired over 500 Intelligence Analysts after 9/11. This career field continues to grow as the importance of analysis shines through.

Ruggeri Case Intelligence Analysis (RCIA) brings the art of critical thinking and intelligence analysis from the military and law enforcement realms for application in trial litigation. Lisa Ruggeri, founder has twenty years of intelligence analysis experience in local and federal law enforcement. The RCIA team can assist you with your cases/investigations and take them to the next level through analysis. Data is just data without analysis. Analyzed data is knowledge. Knowledge is power. This analysis helps present the data in a logical format that has a powerful impact with juries.

The military and law enforcement agencies benefit tremendously through the use of intelligence analysis. We at RCIA believe trial litigation cases/investigations can as well.  The end result is a more favorable case outcome for you and your client(s).  The RCIA team’s expertise in the process of drawing associations and isolating unexpected patterns make a powerful impact on the jury, regardless of the type of case.

Are you asking yourself, “What is intelligence analysis”? This is a great question. Analysis is the process of examining the available data and utilizing critical thinking and organization skills to discover intelligence gaps. It recognizes the facts and moves towards a solution, piecing together the information for full comprehension. Analysis places pertinent facts in proper order, gives data meaning and illustrates the big picture. Analytical products demonstrate that analysis to an audience, presenting comprehensible and cohesive information to juries during trial.

Ruggeri Case Intelligence Analysis will assist you by organizing the case and documents, advising what research information may be missing, assessing information determining intelligence gaps, compiling information into a comprehensive format,  visually presenting the case (critical for jury trials), and making recommendations based on data findings.

You and your client(s) need Ruggeri Case Intelligence Analysis to assist you on your cases/investigations: when your case has large amounts of data that needs to be presented to a jury in a clear and concise format, identifying the pertinent facts to form and test hypotheses; when data needs to be targeted to the audience’s intelligence level for straightforward comprehension when the investigation includes phone or financial data; when your case is high-profile and needs the utmost analysis to draw proper conclusions.

Studies show most people are visual learners, specifically jurors. By visually preparing the case/investigation RCIA paints the picture for the jury so they will understand the information, not only verbally but most importantly, visually.

Lisa Ruggeri, founder and CEO of Ruggeri Case Intelligence Analysis, had an extremely successful law enforcement and military career and was sought out for her intelligence analysis expertise nationwide. She now brings her specialized skills to trial attorneys and their litigation needs.

Ruggeri Case Intelligence Analysis is dedicated to bringing quality analysis and work products to assist each and every case for optimal outcome.

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