Vision of the perfect partnership and creating a business niche.

Ruggeri Case Intelligence Analysis (RCIA) has been fully launched now for two months. I have acquired a full-time partnership with an extremely successful trial litigation attorney (opting not to name this attorney). My goal is to acquire partnerships with other trial attorneys as RCIA continues to grow and bring Intelligence Analysis out into the world of trial litigation.

RCIA’s goal and niche will be creating partnerships with attorneys who are solo in their law practice or have just one or a few attorneys working with them. I understand there are individuals and companies out there that offer a few services that I provide; such as research, transcripts summaries and courtroom presentations… I have yet to find anyone offering to do the analysis of the information along with these other services. I can create this niche by offering a one stop shop for all the other services to include the intelligence analysis. I will utilize my twenty years of experience as an intelligence analyst to work cases with trial litigation attorneys.

Within the law enforcement arena, the detectives I assisted utilized intelligence analysis on their cases from the beginning research stage all the way through a jury trial working as a team. It is my experience that each person on the team has their training and specialty that allows them to view each case from their expertise. The team, as a whole can then work the investigations and view it from all angles for a successful outcome.

For me to be completely successful, I will need to start at the beginning of each case and work it all the way through trial together with you. I understand that most attorneys have the analytical mind and can work their cases without me. However, I can assist you by completing tasks you would normally hire out and by doing the data analysis. It is the data that tell the story. I can work the data and put it into a variety of formats so it can be easily understood, not only by us as we work the case but eventually for a jury trial. This will then free up your time.

Remember, each and every case that has a potential of going to trial will benefit from intelligence analysis. The US military relies heavily on intelligence analysis, as it was the diligent work of analysts that assisted in the capture of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Law enforcement has also been utilizing analysis as it has proven its worth time and time again.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions. I am ready to assist you and get intelligence analysis going in trial litigation.

Lisa Ruggeri



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