Focus on the things you have.

The definition of grateful is the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
Being grateful is a belief in life that each of us should be in tune with. We are who we are because of the different people, situations, circumstances and experiences from our past. We might not have enjoyed what we went through to get us here today but because of it we are who we are.

So putting it simply, we need to be grateful for everything from our past as it has molded us into the person we are today. If some of those experiences are negative or not favorable, we should still be thankful for them. Those experiences have made us stronger and wiser for the present and future. Those experiences could also enlighten you to your true purpose here in this world.
How can the negative be turned into a positive to help others?

Be grateful for the people in our life.

People come into our lives for a reason and purpose. Some stay for a short time, while others are meant to stay longer. We might not know the reason people come and go but we must be thankful for the time they are in our lives. At that moment in time, those people have come into our life to fulfill a purpose. It is up to you to discover that purpose.
Regardless of your feelings for them right now, be thankful for them. If the interaction was negative look to the bigger picture, discover the purpose and reason. It is crucial you get to the point where you can hold them in a loving space, regardless of who they are or what hurt they brought.

Learn to be the better person when it comes to those who have hurt you. Your life will be easier if you can forgive and hold those who hurt you in a loving space. The benefits of forgiveness are another blog post but when you don’t forgive, you are continually poisoning yourself for the action of others. Remember forgiveness is for you, not them. Forgiveness does not mean reconciliation, it just means you can move forward and put the past where it belongs, in the past!

Be grateful for the experiences you have had.

We have experiences each and every moment in our life, some are positive while some are negative. We must learn to be grateful for each and every experience as we are learning and growing into a better person for future purposes.
Some experiences or circumstances we can control while most we cannot. It is not about controlling the experience but learning to control how we react to what is going on. We can control our reaction to the point where we can make it a negative or positive experience. Situations will always occur, this is given. How we react to them is solely up to us.

Here is an example in my life. My little 2 month old God son passed away. He was loved and adored. We were all so happy for his arrival, as it took his mother years to conceive him, then to lose him right away. Yes the situation was sad and our lives were forever changed, but he blessed and touched so many in his short two months here on earth. My life is forever changed for the better because I had those two months with this precious little child. I was able to turn this sad situation into a positive experience by reacting and looking it at a different. It took time to heal my heart but I am grateful to have gone through this experience because I am a changed person.

Be grateful for your health.

This may be a hard one for many, but yes we must also be thankful for our bodies and our health. Regardless of how our bodies or health is right at this moment, be grateful.

Today’s society is so focused on being perfect; having the perfect body, the perfect hair style, the perfect outfit. We are losing touch with who we are and how we need to be.

I was at a restaurant about a week ago. In the table just across from us there was this little two year old girl. She was just as cute as can be and had the most adorable rain gear on, pink polka dotted rain jacket and matching boots. Absolutely adorable! She was in awe of all the decorations, smiling and laughing. Everyone was in awe of her. At one point, she rose up one of her arms and did not have a hand. She was born with no hand but had tiny little finger numbs on the end of her wrist. I tell you, in the moments I was able to observe her spirit this will not hold her back. She was happy; she just gleamed and had a spirit about her. I truly hope in the years to come she can be grateful for the way she was born and never let it hold her back.

So regardless of what your body looks like or what your health is doing, you have a choice right here and now. You are this way for a reason, be grateful. Sometimes we can change it but sometimes we can’t. Regardless, be grateful. You are alive and can touch others around you in ways that will bless them.

How can your situation be turned so you can reach out and help others?

Overall, be thankful.

You create the vibration you are in, so being thankful for who you are, what you have and the experiences you’ve been in. Yes, be thankful for everything in your life; past, present and coming up in the future. Believe you would not be the awesome and wonderful person you are right now without all you have been through.

If you have the ability to turn your circumstances or experiences into a situation to reach out and help others, I encourage you to do so. If others can learn or be blessed by you then go for it. It is important to be grateful for our lives, but it is a true blessing to give that back to others.

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