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“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” ~ Christopher Reeves

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible

We all have choices in our life. These choices help us determine our present and future. Sure you can choose grumpy, despair, pity, bad hair day… but you can also choose happy, hopeful, going to conquer this meeting, grateful… Keep in mind that whatever you choice, that is exactly what you will get for your day. Yes, I completely understand circumstances and situations! I get that life can be hard. I have a closet full of those T-shirts too, but it is how we choose to respond to what is brought to us.

Making your day different

What most do not understand is that through any circumstance or situation (good or bad) the outcome is how we choose to deal with or live through it. It is our choice to let it create a good or bad day for us.

I was driving to work one day on a very busy freeway and ran out of gas. I luckily got pulled over to the side and as I sat there wondering who I was going to call for help a truck pulled in front of me and a tall gentleman got out. He asked if he could help. I told him I was out of gas so he went to his truck and got a gas can. He put in about 2 gallons of gas. He was kind and had a great smile. I thanked him and offered to pay for the gas but he said he didn’t want my money; he just wanted me to get to where I was going safely. I, too this day don’t know who he is but that day in that situation he was a night in a shiny truck that helped me. I was in that situation because I hate to put gas in my car and usually run it down to fumes. That situation did not ruin my day it strengthened my hope in humanity.

Sometimes, we can’t help situations or circumstances we find ourselves in but we can choose how we respond to it. I choose to have a great day with a bonus of faith renewed in humanity. Thank you tall stranger, my knight in a shiny truck!

Try this strategy and see where it leads you and what great lesson can come out of it! If all you do today is to choose hope then so be it. I challenge you to put a smile on your face and be hopeful as you continue forth with your day. Tomorrow, make another positive choice and move forward. Remember your choice as situations occur in your world.

Today, I choose to be grateful as I am grateful for health, a wonderful husband and you, because you choose to read this blog. Make is a great day!

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